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iPhone 5s vs Samsung Galaxy S4 - Why you should choose Apple

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     Samsung and Apple are known for their flagship smartphones: the Galaxy S and the iPhone. Apple has recently revealed its new iPhone 5s while Samsung has had its latest flagship phone the Galaxy S4 on the market for a few months. The main differences between these two smartphones will be addressed in this post. In each category the winning device will get 10 points, while the runner up(s) will get points based on how close they come to the winner. Here we go.

     Apple continues its line of processors with the Apple A7 64-bit chip. Specific specs for the chip are not known yet, but it is believed to be dual core. Samsung goes with a 1.9 Ghz quad core CPU. The iPhone 5s is expected to have 2GB of memory, while the Galaxy S4 has 2GB as well.

Apple: 8
Samsung: 10

     The ultimate showdown between mobile operating systems: iOS vs Android. Apple's latest mobile OS is iOS 7, which improves upon its predecessors in quite a few ways. The stock apps have a new look, the new Control Center lets you manage your phone settings quickly and easily, Siri has been improved, and multitasking is even better. Google (and Samsung) counter with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. Jelly Bean is the latest Android update and has gotten performance and interface enhancements over previous Ice Cream Sandwich version.

     The main difference between the two operating systems is how much you can 'do' with it. Android has always been the more open of the two operating systems. You can browse files easily, download custom applications from the web, and you can customize pretty much everything. Apple's software is not to be ignored though. iOS is much simpler and is essentially usable by anyone from the first time you pick it up. The biggest thing going for Apple is quite obvious though: one device, one operating system.
     Apple makes its operating system for the iPhone and the iPhone alone (and a modified iPad version). This means that iOS is made for the hardware inside of your iPhone. Everyone wonders why iPhones seem to run so much smoother even though the hardware is inferior to many Android devices. Well this is why. iOS runs smoother and faster than Android, no matter what Android device you are using.

Apple: 10
Samsung: 7

     This category is short. To keep it simple: quality versus quantity. Apple's App Store has top notch applications tailored for the iPhone. The Google Play Store has more apps, but you will never find the quality that you will find in the App Store. Even when looking at identical applications, it is clear that the iOS versions are almost always better, even if by just a bit.

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Apple: 10
Samsung: 9

     Samsung's camera is 13MP, while the iPhone has an 8MP camera. Easy win for Samsung, right? Not quite. The iPhone's camera performs better in low light conditions, and the color quality is overall better than the Galaxy S4's camera. Take a look at this image from

Apple: 10
Samsung: 9

     We can't ignore that the iPhone 5s has a better build quality than the Galaxy S4, it is made of aluminum while the Samsung phone is plastic. I must also mention that the Galaxy S4 has a higher pixel density, larger screen, and more theoretical battery life (talk time and standby). The iPhone 5s also includes a fingerprint sensor for an easy way to sign in to your phone.

Apple: 9
Samsung: 10

The Tech Canoe Verdict
     The Apple iPhone 5s has not even been released yet, but because it is so similar to the iPhone 5 it is very, very safe to say that it will be as good as expected. I must stress this though: both of these smartphones are awesome. You can't go wrong with either one. You could flip a coin and still get a top notch 4G smartphone for $199.

    In this comparison though, Apple has outdone its biggest rival. Samsung will be quick to counter with its Galaxy S5 though, so watch out.

Final Scores:

Apple: 47/50
Samsung: 45/50

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